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Well guys, it's that time of the year again!

I just got my schedule finally (been on schedule hold since July, cause the admins at my school are a bunch of sloth-y dinguses), and it appears that I will be having classes every day without breaks. Meaning: I get no off-days, aside from Saturdays and Sundays now... oh, and holidays. 

And this means that I will no longer have much time to myself to draw personal things, or accept further requests or trades. I really won't even be able to accept commissions either, but if the time comes that I need to, I'll have to just make due, I suppose.


I guess I'll share my schedule to make things easier to comprehend:

Monday and Wednesday, I have my academic classes from 9 to 12pm.

Tuesday, I have my Animation class from 2 to 6pm.

Thursday, I have Graphics class from 9 to 12pm.

And Friday, I have Storyboarding class and Drawing class from 9 to 4pm.

Also, because my attention was raised to this once, when I needed money from emergency commissions, there is something I need to address: 

People often make the assumption that just because Im an artist, and that art is my hobby and talent, that art school is a breeze for me. They assume that art is something that you can just spit out freely, whenever you want to. Therefore, they consider art school to not be a valid reason to not complete personal work or owed work in a timely manner. But the truth is, art is HARD to spit out, when you're faced with a deadline. And art school doesn't mean you get to just draw whatever the hell you want to (oh, but I wish). They make you do everything else outside of your comfort zone, and they push you to your limits, and sometimes beyond them. 

Last year, I spent most of my time practicing new techniques and styles, some of which I never even knew of before. We put those new methods to the test, but our subjects were never our own choice. We had live models to study. We had still life set ups to study. We had to focus on individual things, to master certain parts of our work. 

So no. I didn't just walk into class and just start doodling my characters everywhere. We don't get to do that. So again, no, I can't just draw whenever I want, or whatever I want. I go to school, and draw what they want. Then I come home, and continue to draw what they want. And if Im not drawing, I likely have my face crammed into a book, studying and taking notes (the academic tests are ridiculous). There is no such thing as a break. It's stressing, and a lot of times extremely frustrating. I get out of art school at the end of the year with some of the worst art blocks imaginable (or... unimaginable, I suppose, since art blocks prevent you from being creative).

So yeah. If I see one more person complain that "Oh, you can draw anytime you want, life is so easy"... no, it's not. Try going to class with me. See how well you fair.

If you got this far, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this~


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